Cleaning Tips/Tricks: 10 places to use your vacuum in your home


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This might be the most housewife-y thing I’ve ever written but I really think it’s an interesting topic!  Vacuuming.


I used to just use my vacuum to vacuum my carpets and I always wondered if it mattered that I didn’t vacuum those pretty lines in my carpet.  But it turns out I use my vacuum for SO many more uses than just vacuum my carpeting.


This blew my mind when I finally started doing this!  It always made me crazy that I’d mop my tile floors just to have left over hair and other small pieces of lint that got stuck to the floor.  Now, before I start cleaning the bathroom, I vacuum the tile and go through with the crevice tool and hit along the walls and around the toilet.  Seriously, this is a game changer!


I know what you’re thinking, Jenna, you vacuum your refrigerator!!?! And my answer is, yep, yep I sure do and you should too!  If you’re a super tidy person, maybe you don’t have to do this, but my fridge always has little pieces of food it in.  I want to blame my kids but I think my fridge may looked this way before I had kids too.  After I empty my fridge, I go through and suck up all the little bits of dry food with the crevice tool (do you see a pattern of how much I like the crevice too!?!).


Okay, if you’re still here reading this crazy blog post, you’ll thank me for this tip!  I HATE the small crumbs that fall in that small spot between my counter and my stove. Grab your crevice tool and vacuum away!


Seriously, this was a game changer.  Why on earth did they make toasters so hard to clean?  Before you attempt to vacuum your toaster, make sure it’s unplugged.  Once it’s unplugged, stick your crevice tool in there and suck away all the crumbs.  Life changing, I promise.

Dryer and Dryer Vent

Dry vent. I just recently realized I could vacuum out the dry vent.  I’m not a laundry novice, so I knew I needed to clean out the lint filter screen and dryer housing. But I didn’t realize I needed to vacuum around the lint filter housing.  You can also take the dryer venting off the back of your dryer and use your vacuum hose to vacuum inside the venting.  Clogged dryer vents are a fire hazard, so be sure to check this a couple times a year.


This next one gives me some Danny Tanner feels (you get this if you’re a 90s kid) but you can actually clean your broom with a vacuum.  My broom tends to collect so much dirt, fuzz and lint and there is NO good way to remove it from the broom head. So a couple times a year, I go ahead and vacuum off my broom.  Works like a charm 🙂

Window sills and door tracks

I wipe my window sills and door tracks down when I’m doing a deep clean.  It’s shocking how much dirt, dust, stupid little flies and pollen.  Before I clean them well with a wet cloth, I always vacuum.  It really helps me not just smear the dust/dirt/pollen around.


Vacuuming your mattress can actually help keep allergens/dust mites and bed bugs from infesting your bedrooms.  In addition, when we sleep, we shed our skin so there are TONS of little pieces of skin on your mattress. Basically, our mattresses are disgusting. I was like 34 years old before I started vacuuming our mattresses. So next time you change your sheets, run your vacuum around the mattress!

Floor Vents

I don’t know about you, but my floor vents seem like MAGNETS for goldfish, small toys like Legos and other random crap.  Use your vacuum to clean your vents.  One, you can find that missing Lego, but it also helps reduce the amount of dirt/pollen that gets spread through your home.


The last, is the most obvious and it’s your carpet!  To keep your carpet as clean as you can, you should be vacuuming every other day!  Eeek, not gonna lie, I’m lucky if I vacuum once a month.

If you have any questions on any of the tips I shared above, I’d love to hear. If you have another crazy place that you use your vacuum, please feel free to drop it in the comments or message me on Instagram and we can share more tips over there!



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