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Being as i’m not from STL, we travel quite a bit between the Chicago suburbs (my hometown) and STL and I often travel alone with my kids so we are no stranger to the car.  I’ll be sharing some of my favorite items for travel below.  Everything in this blog post is something we use in the car to make our trips easier.  In addition, my kids do not handle screen time well, so we try to avoid screen time as much as possible in the car.  Sure, it would be easier to hand them a tablet but that doesn’t work out so much for us!  So while there is more work on my end at the beginning, it seems to help their behavior in the long run.  Also, my kids do not sleep in the car. None of them have ever fallen asleep in the car since they were about 6 weeks old, sooooooooo I’ve been coming up with activities for them for a while! For more tips and tricks, see my Instagram or Facebook highlights.


We go through a ton of snacks on the road. Here’s how I organize their snacks. These containers are great. I fill them with snacks and a small water bottle and usually add a small treat or activity. Sterilite boxes linked here

We add these Good 2 Grow bottles (spill proof) that fit perfectly. I usually buy in bulk cause I have 3 kids 🙂 linked here

Combination snack/drink cup

I love these for everyday travel. Fill with a snack and drink of choice, head out the door. Linked here

Organization/Functional items

I use a similar seat organizer in the back of my car. I keep it in the car at all times with extra diapers, wipes, bug spray, sunscreen and a first aid kit! Here’s a two pack

I keep an indoor/outdoor rug in my van cause it’s more functional to me than car mats. I can take it out, shake it out and throw it in the washing machine! Linked here

I keep this between my big kids seats. It’s definitely multi-purpose. It keeps toys, drinks and snacks, the essentials. I have one similar to this

I used to not have a gap between my center console and my seat, now I have a big gap so I’m filling it with this!

If you don’t need cup holders/charging, here’s one that’s more simple.



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