Toddler Spring Break style

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I am preparing for a spring break trip with my three kids but unfortunately, we are headed north and do not need cute new spring break clothes but do you think that stopped me from shopping? Nope. So I’m sharing my finds with you! These finds are extra special because they are all $15 and under from WalMart. The last couple years, I have been blown away by the style, variety and quality of the clothes I’ve found at Walmart. Here are some of my favorite finds this past weekend.

Toddler Girl

I love jumpsuits. This one is so cute! I love the color and the fabric is so soft. This does not have snaps at the crotch, which won’t make diaper changes or going to the potty easy, but I’ll deal with it for the cuteness.

This swimsuit is so freaking cute! If you have a girly girl who loves everything shiny and rainbow, here you go. I’d recommend sizing up.

Is this NOT the cutest!?!? I LOVE jumpers. If my daughter would let me, I’d dress her in jumpers everyday all day. This is one of my favorite and reminds me of boutique brands that I see online.

These tutu dresses are so much fun. My daughter loves to twirl so these are perfect for us. These would be darling with if you add a monogram. They come in a couple different colors, we might have to get all of them 😐

This dress is adorable and I can’t wait for my daughter to wear this. I’ll probably style this with a jean jacket and her tennies for school. Cute, easy, stylish. Doesn’t get much better than that….oh wait, did I mention it’s UNDER $10?!?!?!

Eek, these are my favorite dresses ever. We had similar ones last year that my daughter wore until they were dirty and unacceptable to be worn anymore 🙂

Girl Shoes

These are a great Native dupe. We’ve gotten them every summer and they last all summer and don’t give my kids blisters (boy version linked below).

Glitter and sandals are the perfect combo. Definitely picked these up, especially since they are under $15.

Boys Clothing

I could probably post a few more girls items, but I want to move along to the boys stuff!

This sweatshirt is such a perfect transition piece from winter to spring. I could see us wearing this on a plane or on the beach on a cool night. I picked these up for both my boys

I have a 5 year old boy and for some reason, color changing things are the coolest thing ever to him. So obviously, when I found these color changing swim trunks, I knew we needed them. Add to cart.

These t-shirts are cute $7, I got both colors. My son likes comfy, soft shirts and this brand always delivers.

I got these adorable rash guards for my boys, who doesn’t love a good shark outfit.

These shorts are so trendy and fun and for under $8, I think they are a steal.

Boys shoes

These are Native dupes. We’ve had them the last few summers and they hold up well and don’t give my kids blisters. $6 is a STEAL! (Girl version linked above)

Hope you enjoy these, now go out and get yourself some!

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