The Weight of the Motherhood Mental Load

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To the mom who is overwhelmed in motherhood.  I see


You are the one keeping your entire family together. Working endlessly behind the scenes to make sure everyone inn your family feels cared for.

The mental load is what makes motherhood feels so heavy.  It’s because even the simplest tasks are JUST what it seems.  They are done with so much intention.

It’s not JUST grocery shopping.  It’s making sure that you have healthy and balanced meals planned for a week at a time.  and it’s not JUST a meal.  It’s curating a meal that everyone will love.  It’s making sure that everyone has a “safe” food.  and it’s not just one meal, its 3 meals a day plus the endless supply of snacks.

It’s not JUST laundry.  It’s making sure everyone has clean clothes.  It’s making sure the red shirt tis ready for red shirt day.  The leotard is clean for dance and the basketball shorts are ready for the game,  It’s making sure that your husband is dressed for that promotion he’s up for.  And of course, it’s trying to remember if the stain was pretreated before you put it in the laundry.

It’s not JUST bedtime.  It’s making sure they are clean, but not too clean as to not dry out their hair and skin.  it’s making sure they’ve been read enough books and that every child feels special at the end of the day.  It’s praying that your mistakes that day didn’t ruin them too much.

And when the lights go down and it’s quiet in the house, it’s not time JUST to relax.  There is still laundry, emails and texts to return.  It’s about maintaining relationships and making sure you’re getting the self care you need.

And when it’s bedtime for mom, it’s not JUST time to go to sleep.  It’s the time you remember that obscure thing you need for tomorrow, trying desperately to put it in your memory so you don’t forget.  It’s remembering you never did find that cup of milk that you lost in the playroom. And now you can’t remember if you pulled the chicken out of the freezer or not.

But you’ll eventually fall asleep and do it all over tomorrow.  Because it’s not just love, it’s motherhood LOVE and you’re the one that keeps the family together.


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