The EASIEST Chicken Fajitas

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Weeknight Dinner

Weeknights can be crazy around here.  Even though I don’t have babies anymore, we still seem to have the curse of the “witching hour” which means I spend most of my late afternoons, coming up with ways to keep everyone busy and don’t always have time to spend cooking meals.  


I try to meal plan as much as I can, mostly so I can keep to our budget. When making my meal plan, I obviously fill Tuesday’s in with Taco Tuesday, because Mexican cuisine is our favorite.  One way I change it up around here, is to offer fajitas on “Taco Tuesday” even though it’s not technically tacos, it fits the profile right?!  


Healthy Dinner for the Family

With a recent diagnosis of an autoimmune disease, a focus on gut health and removing inflammatory foods has been imperative in our home.  I’m constantly re-creating our family’s favorite meals to fit the profile of healthy, delicious, easy and family friendly.  


Luckily, I discovered Mighty Spark ground chicken and turkey in my local supermarket and it’s changed our weekly menu.  Mighty Spark offers pre-seasoned ground chicken and turkey products.  They literally do the work for you so you don’t have.  Allowing Mighty Spark to do the work, also means we save money, not having to purchase the ingredients to flavor meats, which makes sticking to my budget even easier.  And the best part, for every package of meat purchase, Mighty Spark will donate a meal to someone in need and help in the war on hunger. 



Mighty Spark offers packaged all natural ground turkey and chicken in addition to premade, flavored patties for easy burger night.  I love all the flavors, but for this recipe, I use the Fajita flavored package. It’s flavored with red pepper, dried cilantro, dried garlic, dried onion, lime, and poblano pepper, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  


For an easy weeknight dinner, I sauté up a package of Fajita ground chicken, add peppers and onions and I’m literally done.  My husband and kids eat this on flour tortillas topped with cheese, sour cream and salsa.  I choose to eat my served over brown rice with avocado and salsa.  It’s seriously so delicious!  


1 package Fajita flavored ground chicken

2 peppers, I prefer red and yellow

1 white onion

package of flour tortillas

cooked brown rice

toppings of your choice: sour cream, cheese, salsa, guacamole, avocado


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