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Teaching Kids Empathy and Compassion through Books

My good friend Alison Manahan is a Speech Language Pathologist, specializing in early speech and language intervention and she also is an Usborne Books & More consultant.  As an SLP, Ali chooses Usborne Books because the books are interactive, colorful, and engaging.  Children love being part of the book whether it be lifting flaps, using flashlights to discover secrets or learn about their favorite topics through internet linked titles.  With Usborne, children will get factual information in a fun way, for all ages!

I asked for her help in compiling her favorite books for helping our kids learn empathy and compassion. I’ve included her links for easy shopping!

Boy Boy is a book about two groups fighting and a very special boy, who cannot hear and uses signs to communicate, that helps the two groups understand each other in a new way.  Click the picture to order.


Room on Our Rock There are two ways to read this story. When read from left to right, the seals believe there is definitely no room on their rock for others. When the book is read backward, the seals welcome others to shelter on their rock. A heartwarming story about sharing and compassion. Click picture to order


The Extraordinary Life of Malala Yousafzai Attacked by the Taliban for daring to stand up for girls’ education, this young woman is a voice for the oppressed and an inspiration for people fighting for justice all over the world.


All About Families Families come in all shapes and sizes and from all sorts of backgrounds. They speak various languages, eat different sorts of food, live in different kinds of homes, and celebrate special occasions in a variety of ways. This book lets children explore questions such as ‘What is a family?’, ‘What different sorts of families are there?’, and more. Click picture to order.


Can I Join Your Club?  Duck just has one question: Can I Join Your Club?

He wants to belong to all of them. To any of them. Elephant Club, Lion Club, he just wants to belong. And he tries so hard to fit in so he can – kids will love pointing out in the illustrations just exactly how he tries – a curly wig, dark glasses – but it just doesn’t work. He can’t be someone else.

So, he starts his own club. And there’s ONE rule – everyone is welcome! Because when it comes to making friends, being yourself is all that counts, in this heartwarming celebration of diversity, inclusiveness and friendship. Click picture to order.


Polly and Buster  Top of Form A spellbinding trilogy about the magic of friendship. Everyone knows that witches don’t mix with monsters. Witches are educated, clever, sophisticated. But monsters? Monsters are just uncouth. Some are even dangerous.

But Polly the witch and Buster the feelings monster have been best friends forever.
It’s the sort of friendship that makes your heart squeeze with happiness.
Somehow, they’ve managed to keep their friendship a secret.
Until one day, when everything changes …

Click picture to order



Here and There How do people in other countries shop for groceries, go to school or work, or go on vacation? See the ways our lives are different and what we all have in common with this entertaining and informative look at the lives and cultures of people all over the world. Click picture to order



Bully on the Bus All the emotions seven-year-old Leroy experiences as the bully on the bus taunts and threatens him are perfectly captured in this sensitive and beautifully written verse novel. The heartwarming ending is empowering and offers courage to anyone who’s ever felt small. Click picture to order.



Stay Strong! The age-appropriate exercises and activities are designed to tackle the complex emotions a child faces and help the child to work out how and why they feel that way. The writing and drawing activities show you how to cope with the way teasing and bullying make you feel, give you ideas about how to feel better and help you to find the courage to make it stop. Click picture to order


Hope you love this roundup.  Please comment below with what books you ordered!