2 Ingredient Sweet Potato Pancakes

Since embarking on a health journey after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I have found myself being more creative with my food.

This morning, all I could think about was pancakes but I really did not want to use pancake mix, despite the fact that I’ve found and used, a good gluten free mix, I just do not feel that the flour alternatives really keep me on the path to reduce inflammation in my body.  So I needed to find something else.

I’ve seen and tried the 2 ingredient pancakes made with banana. And I’ve TRIED to like them, even adding oatmeal to see if that is better.  But I just do not like banana.  I can’t do banana anything.  I just hate the flavor, like hate it and just can’t, no matter how good they are for me.

Luckily for me, the Lord made other foods. Enter the sweet potato.  Now, unlike the banana, I’m not sure I’ve had something sweet potato that I do not like.  It’s just a delicious food.  And because they are affordable, versatile and delicious, I always have them on hand.

Now one might try to make the argument that I’m sacrificing health for taste, but check out the nutrition facts on sweet potatoes vs. banana.

Nutrition Facts

Banana – 100 g (about the size of an average banana)

100 calories

2.6g of fiber

12g of sugar

1g of protein

8.7mg Vitamin C

5mg calcium

.26 mg iron

26 ug beta-carotene

Sweet Potato-100g (about 1 cup of mashed sweet potato)

110 calories

100g of fiber

4.2g of sugar

1.6g protein

2.4mg Vitamin C

30mg Calcium

061mg ron

8509 ugBeta Carotene