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Morning Routine + FREE Printable

I absolutely love my morning routine.  It sets the tone for my day and helps me be the best mom I can be.  Right now, I’m waking up around 530am to workout and complete my morning routine and complete my quiet time.

Once my 3rd baby was sleeping through the night consistently, I was able to start this routine. Prior to that, I was NOT able to get up consistently.  If you’re in a season of inconsistent sleep, I wouldn’t worry about trying to have a morning routine.  When you’re up in the middle of the night, you can easily become exhausted during the day.  So please do not read this and think you need to add a morning routine to your tasks.  This is simply for those who feel they have the capacity to wake up and get their quiet time in.  Of course, if you’re a night person, you could do these things in the evening/nightime if that works better for you.

Here’s how my morning typically goes:

525am wake up, brush teeth, change into workout clothes and make electrolyte water.

535am begin workout. I vary my workouts between Peloton workouts, mostly Barre and Pilates as well as walks/runs on the treadmill.

605/610am complete workout.

610am make coffee and sit down to complete my morning routine. Morning affirmations, prayers, daily schedule, daily goals.  See free printable worksheet for more details

645am shower, get ready for the day

715am see kids off to school


If you like this routine, here is a free printable that you can use to get started.


First Day of School Printable

The last several years, I’ve purchased the $5 reusable chalkboards from Target with the intention to promptly remove the chalk paint that I used to personalize this year.  Every spring, when it’s the last day of school and every fall, when it’s the first day of school, I realize that I broke that promise to myself AGAIN!   It turns out, I have not taken off the chalk paint and its 9pm or 6am and I gotta get it off!!  This usually includes Windex and a cloth or whatever the heck else I can find.  Then I have to wait for it to dry and figure out my chalk paint markers again!

So this year, I decided to get smart-printable.  AH-HA!  So much easier! Plus, I’m a big fan of anything that is FREE!   And because I love y’all, I decided to share it with you!!  I hope you enjoy!  Tag me on Instagram in your pics if you use it!


Mom Hacks

Homemade Hand Soap

Natural Hand Soap

Last year, (ha! The first time I got to use that phrase) I discovered a recipe for hand soap from my friend Jessica from Paprika Paperie. She is a natural minded momma of three girls and I totally trust her recommendations. So when I saw her making it, I knew I needed to try.

For a short re-cap, I’m on a health journey, trying to cut all the junk out of my life. What I’ve discovered is toxic chemicals and additives are hiding in almost all our everyday products. This is a HUGE bummer to me because I’ve been using most of these products for decades. When I went to buy natural products, I found $5+ hand soaps.  I found that hard to swallow and hard on my budget.  SOOOOO, what’s a frugal mom to do, make my own of course!

How I Do It

Now, I know what you’re thinking, come on Jenna, you MAKE your own soap?  Well, kinda, I use this recipe to refill hand soap bottles I have around the house!  I add a cute label and I’m set!  Because I can make a HUGE batch at once, it really isn’t THAT much more work.

The Recipe

1 cup Castile soap (I use citrus)

1 cup distilled water

15 drops of essential oil (Tea Tree is good for this because it has anti-bacterial properties)

1 tablespoon fractionated coconut oil (Jessica’s recipe calls for almond oil) I didn’t have almond oil on hand and didn’t feel like running to the store to grab something  You could also use a nice olive oil if you want

1 tablespoon vitamin E- I have never added this because I do not have it on hand and didn’t feel like buying it or running to the store

Once mixed together, add to soap dispensers.  Here are some really cute glass dispensers. I grabbed these bottles  and added cute labels!

DIY hand soap

Grab my printable for FREE!

Hand Soap Label


If you make this!  Be sure to tag Jessica and me on Instagram!


Homemade Caramel Corn

I LOVE handmade/homemade/crafted gifts.  When someone takes the time to make me something, I feel so cared about, honored and loved, may be that’s my love language.  As a kid, my mom has been making and gifting homemade caramel corn with rave reviews.  She only ever made it at Christmas time but each year, she’d gift it our teachers, pediatrician, neighbors and friends.  People truly looked forward to getting this as a gift from my mom.  As an adult, I’ve continued the tradition, gifting this delicious stuff to anyone special enough to get it ;-).  

I’ve decided to SHARE this recipe with you all and show you how to make it into a beautiful gift for just about anyone.  I usually gift this to teachers, neighbors, our pediatrician, my OB, hairdresser, or anyone else that deserves a handcrafted gift.   Making the caramel corn has definitely become a family tradition that I’ve carried with me to my own children.  They know it’s almost Christmas when I get out the caramel corn ingredients. 

If you want to make it at home, here’s what you’ll need.   Large saucepan or pot for the stovetop, roasting pan, cookie sheets for cooling.  

caramel corn in cookie tins with printable tag

Ingredients include:

1 8oz bag of butter Oke-Doke popcorn  This is a VERY specific item but it truly makes the BEST caramel corn.  If you’re in a pinch or can’t find it at your store, make 8oz of air popped popcorn and spray with butter flavored cooking spray.  If you cannot or do not want to go through that much trouble, try to find some kind of butter popcorn in the store, do NOT be tempted to by movie theatre popcorn, this will NOT work.  You need it have butter flavor, but not be greasy.

2 c. LIGHT brown sugar.  I’ve used dark brown sugar in a pinch, but it’s not the same

1 c. butter, I’ve used salted and unsalted without much difference in taste

1/2 c. light Karo syrup

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking soda


And here’s how you throw it all together. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees while you gather your ingredients. Empty bag of popcorn into large roaster.


In large saucepan or pot, combine butter, sugar, Karo syrup and salt over low heat.

Allow to melt together and bring to a boil.  Boil together for 5 minutes, yep, set a timer and stir occasionally. 

Because you are making caramel sauce, you need to keep an eye on it.  It can go from okay to burned, it like 2 seconds.  Once it has boiled together for 5 minutes, add baking soda and stir vigorously for 1 minutes. Pour caramel sauce over popcorn and gently stir to combine. 



Bake in oven for one hour, stirring every 15 minutes.  



 To give as a gift, add to a decorative tin and wrap with ribbon or twine.  Add a cute holiday tag (free printable here) and you’re set!

caramel corn in cookie tins with printable tag


To print, open this FREE Printable and print onto cardstock!  Cut out, punch a hole using a hole punch and add to your gift.  


  If you decide to gift, please tag me on Instagram so I can see!!  


Delivery Driver Snack Basket: An Easy How to Guide

Delivery Driver’s Deserve a HUGE thank you!

  • Not sure about you, but I get about 34 packages a day, especially during the holidays.  I’m so grateful to the hard working individuals who bring my packages to my front door so all I have to do is grab them!

Each year, I’ve been thinking about setting up a basket of treats for our delivery drivers, which includes UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon and my grocery delivery persons, 

It’s such a simple gesture that goes a long way with the people helping out this season.  


Click to Print




My basket is simple, I ordered a HUGE box of chips, popcorn and bars from Walmart as well as bottles of water!  I have them set up on a small table on my front porch along with a framed sign.  I can’t wait to see how often I need to re-fill!  The basket I chose to use is a random basket I might have won in a raffle!  Anyways, you can look on your local Marketplace for baskets for free or use any container you have laying around!

Snack Ideas

  • individual size bags of chips, pretzels, popcorn
  • healthy granola bars such as Cliff bars or trail mix bars 
  • trail Mix (this is my favorite)
  • nuts such as almonds, peanuts or cashews (shop here)
  • candy bars


  • bottles of water
  • energy drinks
  • pop/soda
  • juice
  • carbonated water

I can’t wait to see your set up!  If you make one, be sure to tag me on

so I can see what you came up with!  Make sure you tag me in the pic of yours on your porch, I’d love to see it!!


DIY Thanksgiving Hanging Sign and Printables

Thanksgiving Printables and easy DIY hanging craft


Over here at EvieLu At Home, I can’t decide if it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas or if we should try to coin a new term that’s a mix of the two?! Thanksmas? Christ-thanks? Thanksamas?! I don’t know maybe that’s just a dumb idea! I don’t know, but I do know that I have the EASIEST DIY ever just in time for Thanksgiving.  We are doing a small intimate gathering over here so I’m not going crazy on decor, but I do want a few pieces that make it feel like Thanksgiving.  I love free printables because you can print them off, add them to your favorite frame and change out your holiday decor without buying new for every single holiday.  

I created this free printable to share with you all.  You can print this and create the simple DIY hanging sign or simply add to your favorite frame.  

Give Thanks Printable









Here is a step by step tutorial of a simple hanging sign.



Give Thanks Printable  printed onto cardstock

4 wood shims

hot glue and hot glue gun


Give thanks

Once you have the printable printed onto cardstock, you’re ready to get started. 

Gather the materials, I found shims in my garage! 

Next, cut the shims to size, measuring the width of your cardstock. You will need 4 pieces, all the same size. 

After that, using hot glue, glue together two of the wooden shims, placing the very bottom of the cardstock between the shims.

Finally, repeat on the top of the cardstock, but remember to stick the twine between the top shims to make a hanger.  


If you make one of these, be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see!!!


Free Printables 



Here are a few other printables for you! 

Give thanks


Thankful for you



Lets stay in




How To Host A Momosa Party

One thing you should know about me, is I love a good mimosa, or really any mimosa for that matter.  I love the sweet taste and hint of effervescence from the sparkling wine.  I also love sipping them from champagne flutes, cause what’s more fun than that!  I’ll make any occasion, into a reason to have mimosas and my kids heading back to school seems like the best reason I can think of right now.  Serving mimosas already elevates your get together from a coffee sipping playdate to an event and I’m here for that!  I’ll show you how to throw an easy, causal, stress free “mom-osa” gathering!

Where to Start 

  1. First things first, you need to gather your guest list and send out invites.  For my party, I found our class list and emailed the moms in the class.  No offense dads, but this party was just for moms and I stated that in my email.  Since this was a casual “pop in” event, I made sure to make that clear in my email.  If you are hosting a more formal event, you may consider using electronic evites (I personally like or create your own paper invite to send in the mail.  Do be sure to add a phone number and email for easy RSVP. The easier you make RSVPing, the more likely your guests will remember to do it.

Plan Decor 

  1.  My gathering was small and completely outdoors and I knew I wanted a simple tablescape that was easy to clean up.  I found this darling white scalloped tablecloth at Target that I knew would be perfect (linked below). I followed that up with a black and white gingham table runner that I had originally purchased from Goodwill.  Goodwill is my best tip for grabbing party decor on a budget.  When I saw this runner, I did not know what I’d use it for but I knew it had to go home with me. Similar one linked below.  Once I had a tablecloth and runner, I just needed some floral/greenery elements and some trays for serving.
  2. Serving Trays. I decided to use a mix of white serving trays including a white wood tray, a scalloped cake stand and a rectangle serving platter from my collection. My favorite platter is this one that I’ve had for years from Crate & Barrel (linked below)
  3. Add greenery and some floral elements.  I’m pretty boring when it comes to floral arrangements and greenery.  I have some hydrangea stems that I keep on hand for events. Fresh flowers are obviously a better choice but I bought these years ago for 80% at Micheal’s and they’ve been used over and over again (budget tip!). I throw them in simple jars (linked below) for a casual, farmhouse look. My greenery was borrowed from my entry way shelf, no need to buy anything new for this gathering.

scallop edge table cloth Gingham table runner   


Plan Food/Drink

  1. I usually keep food and drinks pretty simple at all my parties. For this, I had bagels with cream cheese and cookies. My girlfriends chipped in and offered to bring these items so it made it even easier.  I had crystal cut plastic plates and simple napkins available.
  2. Drinks are also simple, water, coffee and mimosas.  Because I was hosting a mommy group, I wanted to have sparkling water available in addition to tap water in case a mom chooses to have a non-alcoholic mimosa.  My advice on coffee is to grab a coffee tote from Panera Bread or Starbucks.  They give you everything you need including cups and sugar packets.  I had a small pitcher of creamer as well.

Create the perfect Mimosa Bar

Momosa Printable

  1. Fresh squeeze orange juice is the best way to go.  You can squeeze your own, but honestly, who has time for that?  My nearby market, offers a variety of freshly squeezed juices for sale in the produce section so that’s the way I also go.  I also like to have a variety of juices on hand for different tastes and for combing  ( I love orange juice with a splash of pomegranate!). The night before, I poured the juices from plastic containers into glass bottles for serving.  I keep these on hand for so many uses
  2. Have fruit to add to the mimosas. I love raspberries, blueberries and strawberries (diced into small pieces).  I wash and fully dry my fruit the night before and store in the glass containers that I will serve the fruit from (easy hack!).
  3. Choosing a sparkling wine.  I usually pick a Proseco that is around $15/bottle.  One bottle typically makes about 8-10 mimosas.
  4. Grab the perfect champange flutes.  Since this was an outdoor/casual event, I choose disposable flutes. You can grab a 12 pack here
  5. Set out a framed printable letting your guests know how to build the perfect mimosa 🙂

Free Momosa Printable




Sit back, enjoy your guests and sip the perfect mimosa!

You can easily prep your decor and most of your food/drink the night before, taking the stress off the morning, especially, if hosting on the first day of school! All I did the morning off was finish setting my table.  I filled an ice bucket with ice for my sparkling wine, set out my juices, fruit and champagne flutes.  I set out my plates, napkins and other serving ware.  I filled a glass pitcher with water and grabbed a tote of coffee on the way to school.


Hope you enjoyed this guide and that it helps you the next time you need to host a causal, daytime, gathering.