2021 Summer Bucket List

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in Saint Louis is like nothing else!  There is a vibe all over the city that always brings me back to my first few weeks here!  I moved here in the summer of 2007, walked out of my apartment on to Lindell Blvd, my hair instantly fell flat and I was sweating bullets by the time I got across the street to McGannon Hall at Saint Louis University and I SWORE, I’d NEVER LIVE HERE!  I vividly remember thinking that the humidity here was more than I could handle and I longed for the cool summers of Chicago.

Well, spoiler alert, I’m STILL HERE!  Nearly 15 summers have been spent here in the insane humidity and somehow, I’ve managed to be pregnant during the summer months for all three of my pregnancies, talk about hot!

But seriously, Saint Louis knows how to do summer vacay.  Since my kids are finally getting to the age that we can do fun things and it doesn’t totally ruin our routine, we decided to come up with a bucket list.  Things we could cross off our list and enjoy all summer long.  I polled my IG followers and 95% of you said you wanted to see our list.  So how I can deny y’all!!?!  So without further adieu,

here is our list:

  1. 9mile Garden
  2. Saint Louis Aquarium
  3. Carousel at Union Station
  4. Ferris Wheel at Union Station
  5. Ted Drewes Frozen Custard
  6. Children’s Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden
  7. Fitz’s Rootbeer
  8. Natural PlayScape at Forest Park
  9. MADE by the Magic House
  10. Long Row Lavender
  11. Sandcastle Beach at Magic House
  12. Waterfront in Historic Main Street St. Charles
  13. Grant’s Farm
  14. Butterfly House and playground
  15. Apple picking at Eckert’s Belleville
  16. Wabash Frisco and Pacific Railroad in Wildwood
  17. Try as many sno-cones in STL as we can
    1. Tropical Moose
    2. Southern Sno
    3. The Frozen Tiki
    4. Glaciers
    5. STL Sno To Go
    6. Wally’s Sno Cones
    7. Under The Sun Sno Shack
    8. Ballwin Sno-Cone
    9. Aloha Mini Golf and Shaved Ice
    10. SnoBall and Custard Shop
  18. Big Joel’s Safari
  19. Bird Sanctuary and Playground
  20. The Muny
  21. Hike the loop at Powder Valley
  22. Science Center Discover Science with Me
  23. National Museum of Transportation
  24. Visit as many playgrounds as we can
    1. Veteran’s Tribute Park, St. Charles
    2. Twin Oaks Parks
    3. Drace Park
    4. Variety Wonder Park
    5. Jakes Field of Dreams Park
    6. Zachary’s Playground
    7. Towne Park
    8. Kirkwood Park
    9. Ferris Park
    10. Pioneer Park
    11. O’Day Park
    12. Southwest Park
    13. Shaw Park
  25. Willoughby Farms
  26. Edwardsville Children’s Museum
  27. Frisco Train Store
  28. Play Street Muesum
  29. CityGarden
  30. Paddleboats Creve Coeur Lake
  31. Water Slide at the Lodge of Des Peres Aquatic Center
  32. Primate Canopy Trails, Saint Louis Zoo

What’s your MUST visit place in St. Louis? I’d love for you to comment or visit me on Instagram!

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