How to Clean Your Shower: Quick Shower Cleaning Hack

shower cleaning hack

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Shower Cleaning Hack

Shower Cleaning Hack


If you’re anything like me, you LOATHE cleaning the shower.  Seriously, it’s the WORST chore in the house, like worse than the toilet for sure. It takes forever, I’m always afraid I’m going to slip and fall while I’m getting the corners of the shower.  With three showers in our home, I was bound and determined to figure out a better way to get these things cleaned.  I feel like I’ve spent so much money on the newest and best shower cleaning gadget and they never help!  And that daily shower cleaner, mmmmm, I’m slowly starting to think those are just a smart marketing ploy, doesn’t seem to help over here!


So, I did some work for you!  I searched the internet, tried all the things and finally figured out that THIS is the best way to do it!

Here’s what you need

These are all simple household materials that almost everyone has on hand!  Don’t have glass bottles? No problem, use a plastic one!

Shower Cleaning Hack

  1. Vinegar
  2. Dawn dish soap
  3. Spray bottles ( I use reusable, glass bottles)


Here’s how you do it

HOT vinegar! Yep, using warmed up vinegar makes cleaning the shower so much easier! Here’s how I do it!

1. Warm vinegar in microwave, about a minute.

2. In an empty spray bottle, combine 1:1 hot vinegar to @dawndishwash soap

3. Spray onto shower walls

4. Add vinegar (make sure it’s not too hot) to a gallon size bag.

5. Cover shower head with vinegar bag and secure with a rubber band.

6. Go live for your life for 20-60 minutes. I got my baby up, changed his diaper, got breakfast for me and the kids.

7. Wipe shower walls with wet sponge. And remove bag from shower head.

DONE. That’s it! So so easy!


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