New Years Resolutions: A Couple Thoughts

New Years Resolutions

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You come here for honestly and authenticity so like it or not, you’re gonna get it 😬😂🤷‍♀️.


New Years Resolutions

This is a picture of the last time I was at a NYE party without my kids. 2015🤪. I’ve always hated, with a passion, NYE. It has soooo much hype and never delivers, plus I hate staying up late 🤪😂🙈.

So it makes sense that even now, I hate the hype of the “new year” and here’s why.

Transformation is a painstakingly SLOW process. It cannot be done in a year. It takes so much damn time. So New Years resolutions literally give me the creeps because I know the time, effort and pain that comes with transforming your life. For most, it’s a journey and it’s unrealistic to think that we can do it in a year.

So can we for a year, can. We. Stop?!? 👏 Stop with the pressure??!?

A few years ago,
I shifted my mindset from transformation to showing up and it’s been life changing. The difference is subtle but it means the end isn’t determined. I have goals, but they are fluid, flexible and obtainable.

Showing up means embracing imperfections. Imperfect skin, clothes,
Decor and more. Being okay with being YOU! You are worth being you. And I guarantee, those who love you, will only love you more when they catch a glimpse of the real you.

I’m literally sick of this space telling me that I will be “happier” if I join a program to follow, buy their product or have a perfect home. It makes me nuts!!! You just need to believe in yourself and ask. for. help.

So throw out the idea of resolutions this year and focus on showing up, even if that means inviting someone over even if your house isn’t picked up. You are worth being you but keep going towards your goals.

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