New Year Cleaning: 14 Days Of Cleaning and Organizing Tips/Tricks

If you’re new here, welcome.  If you’ve been around for a while, you already know what to except here but I want to explain anyway.  I’m Jenna, wife, mom and frugal woman trying to balance motherhood, friendships and life while maintain my budget.  I’m also on a new(ish) health journey, cutting the “crap” from our life which includes toxic products and people for a more balanced life.


I’m not here to fool you, organization is NOT my strong suit and cleaning is difficult for me to keep up with, but I love trying.  In this 2 weeks series, I will share my favorite cleaning tips, tricks and hacks as well as some simple organization tips that anyone can do, and of course, budget friendly.  Now, though I use these tips and tricks regularly in my life, I can’t take credit from all of them.  I’ve collected most of these from other people and will be sure to provide links and credit where it is due.  I’ll use this page as a landing page, a page you can save and return a back for future reference.


Cleaning Tips/Tricks: 10 places to use your vacuum in your home


Homemade Hand Soap

Homemade Natural Laundry Soap

Folding Laundry With a Folding Board from a Box


Natural Homemade Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Clean Your Microwave Without Scrubbing

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