Because I’m breathing…

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This morning as I was driving to grab a coffee after another long night of sick kids, the radio host was talking about how it’s NO accident that we woke up and have air in our lungs. God gave us another day of breath to do what He created us to do. It literally stopped me in my tracks. Today, I’m alive, on purpose, for a purpose, and so are you, just let that sink in for a second.

I have no doubt that my purpose, right now, is to be home with my kids, raising them, teaching them, guiding them and being intentional about growing them into successful adults. Each time I have tried to go out and do something else, God has closed those doors, leaving me with peace and contentment that I’m right where I need to be.

But my sinful, selfish heart forgets this. Often. I get dragged down by the monotony of my life. I complain that I’m changing another diaper, yet again. The fevers, vomit, crying out at night, whining, complaining, errands, appointments, cleaning and nonstop chaos, bog me down. It exhausts me and I forget, this is my dream come true. I was thinking about young entrepreneurs that our culture looks up too. There are lists of “30 under 30” made up of people who have had success early in life. Mark Zuckerberg, David Karp, Matthew Mullenweg (ironically the created of WordPress) and Elon Musk. These people achieved their life long goals at a young age.

Well, I also achieved great success. By the age 33, I had 3 kids 4 and under, my life long goal had been achieved. But yet, somewhere along the way, I forgot this is what I’ve always wanted, what I worked for, dreamed of, prayed for. I’ll admit, being a stay at home mom, looks quite different than I dreamed of when I was 10 but I wonder if Tesla looks different than what Elon Musk dreamed of too? Our dreams always look different in reality but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t achieved greatness.

Today, I have air in lungs so I need to continue the work God put me on this earth to do. My dream doesn’t make me a billionaire, quite the opposite, but that’s ok. This is MY Tesla and I’m brave enough to say it’s just as beautiful, if not more 🙂

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