6 Ways to Make the First Day of School Special

This post contains affiliate links. I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. 

This post contains affiliate links. I earn commission, at no cost to you, on any purchases made through the links.

I’m getting ready to send my oldest off to kindergarten.  The day I’ve been preparing for since before he was born.  Culturally, it’s an important day, the first step out of the nest. This year, things look a little different.  I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster for months now, and school has added another element.  Letting him go into this big world looks a little different than it did 5 months ago, but I’m still determined to make this a special day.  Part of me is so very excited, I can’t wait for him to experience all the things that a kindergartner needs to experience. And the other part of me, is sitting in the car with an aching heart, tears streaming down my face, sad to let him go into the big, scary world.

Here are some things we are doing to get ready for this wonderful, exciting “rite of passage”.


One, we talk about it, a LOT.  Anytime something comes up that I can relate back to school, I talk about.  I ALWAYS act excited, talking in a voice that conveys my excitement for him.  From learning to read, do math, eat lunch at school and even drink from his brand new water bottle.

Second, we made school supplies shopping a fun thing to do together, a mommy and Luke “date”.  We printed out the list (which is totally unnecessary but made it more fun. We grabbed cake pops from Starbucks and then walked around Target, picking out all the supplies we needed.  Getting a new backpack was the icing on the cake.  Here’s a list of some of my favorite backpacks. 

Third, we have been reading books together about kindergarten. There are so many cute books out there that give kids the general framework about what kindergarten will look like.  Here are some of my favorites.

Kindergarten, Here I come 

The Night Before Kindergarten

On The First Day of Kindergarten

The Pigeon Has to Go to School

Fourth, I usually buy him a special shirt or outfit to wear on the first day.  We usually go together to pick something out that we both like (harder that it sounds).  This year, he has to wear a uniform, so I got him special “back to school” pajamas to wear the night before his first day!


Fifth, I plan a special breakfast with all of his favorite foods.  My buddy loves sweet things so this year, I’m thinking I’ll make sheet pan pancakes with sprinkles.

Lastly,  my favorite thing, the thing that brings tears to my eyes just thinking about, is I will read this book The Kissing Hand to him the few nights leading up to school.


I got him this bracelet that says “I love you” so he can look down and be reminded that I love him, all day long.  Bracelet linked here.


This year, school doesn’t look anything like we thought it might. Let me know what you’re doing this year to make it special for your kids!

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