How I Keep my Minivan Organized: 6 Tips from a Busy Mom

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How to Keep Your Car Organized


Keeping my minivan organized is NO easy feat, but I’ve found a few ways to keep it tidy (ish).

We travel far often by car since my family lives about 250 miles away. Car trips can be DISASTEROUS to the tidiness of my car, so I’ve worked hard over the years keeping our things organized.  Since using these for car trips, I’ve actually found several of them helpful for everyday life! Here’s a few tips that we use, on the daily, to keep my van, tidy (ish) with three young kids!



Washable Rug

I cover my floor mats with a  washable rug in my car over my mats!  My kids can wipe their feet on in it before climbing in the back, plus it catches a TON of the mess. I can easily remove it, shake it out or wash it!  It keeps me from having to vacuum my van floors as often.

Hanging Travel Makeup Bag

 Hanging travel makeup bags are the perfect way to keep toys organized. We used to only use this on road trips, but I found it was the perfect way for my kids to keep their “stuff” organized in the car.  My kids each have on hanging from the headrest in front of them.  They keep all sorts of fun stuff in there!  Great place to catch things like masks, gloves and hats after school too!

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Plastic Shoe Box

 A shoebox size plastic bin keeps all our “just in case items”, the necessities straws, forks, bug spray, hand sanitizer, and of course, extra @chickfila sauce 🤣🤪. It seems we are always looking for these things when we are out an about.  It also allows us to have the flexibility to change our plans if need be!

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Over the Seat Organizer

An over the seat organizer keeps our travel potty, wipes, diapers, hand sanitizer and small baggies. If you need to make a quick potty break, grab the whole organizer so you don’t forget anything 👍🏻. Since we travel quite a bit  by car, this is a NO brainer for us!

Plastic Basket

A small basket from @dollartree, keeps masks for the family. We are never without 😷. Oh how #2020 of me. These come in a 3 pack for a dollar and are literally the perfect size for masks. I’m always switching out dirty masks for clean masks.  It really is a great way to make sure you have everything you need! Similar ones linked here.


Silicone Cupcake Liners

Huh? What? You use silicone cupcake liners is your car!?  Yep, I sure do!  I put these in my kids cupholders to keep them clean!  The cup holders in my car TAKE A BEATING with milk spilling in them constantly.  These are so simple to switch out, wash and put back in!  Stinking milk in cup holders, NO THANKS!

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I hope you find these as helpful for your family as I do for mine!  If you use any of these, please let me know and tag me on Instagram!


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