Homemade Hand Soap

DIY hand soap

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Natural Hand Soap

Last year, (ha! The first time I got to use that phrase) I discovered a recipe for hand soap from my friend Jessica from Paprika Paperie. She is a natural minded momma of three girls and I totally trust her recommendations. So when I saw her making it, I knew I needed to try.

For a short re-cap, I’m on a health journey, trying to cut all the junk out of my life. What I’ve discovered is toxic chemicals and additives are hiding in almost all our everyday products. This is a HUGE bummer to me because I’ve been using most of these products for decades. When I went to buy natural products, I found $5+ hand soaps.  I found that hard to swallow and hard on my budget.  SOOOOO, what’s a frugal mom to do, make my own of course!

How I Do It

Now, I know what you’re thinking, come on Jenna, you MAKE your own soap?  Well, kinda, I use this recipe to refill hand soap bottles I have around the house!  I add a cute label and I’m set!  Because I can make a HUGE batch at once, it really isn’t THAT much more work.

The Recipe

1 cup Castile soap (I use citrus)

1 cup distilled water

15 drops of essential oil (Tea Tree is good for this because it has anti-bacterial properties)

1 tablespoon fractionated coconut oil (Jessica’s recipe calls for almond oil) I didn’t have almond oil on hand and didn’t feel like running to the store to grab something  You could also use a nice olive oil if you want

1 tablespoon vitamin E- I have never added this because I do not have it on hand and didn’t feel like buying it or running to the store

Once mixed together, add to soap dispensers.  Here are some really cute glass dispensers. I grabbed these bottles  and added cute labels!

DIY hand soap

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Hand Soap Label


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