Gift Guide: For Him

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

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Shop for HIM here in this gift guide.  I’ve spent hours asking for the best gifts this year for the man in your life, whether it’s your boyfriend, husband, son, father, father-in-law, you can find a little something of everything here!  I have something from each price point here so you can get small gift, splurge and even stocking stuffers!

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

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sign of the times

Medipop UV Sterlizer for laptop and phones!

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


iRoller Liquid-free touchscreen cleaner

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Masks with filter pocket

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffers

Amazon Smart Plug

Rollers Backyard Game

 Dad’s Life in His Words

This is a great gift for dad/father in law/grandpa!

My dad is real sentimental and would LOVE this keepsake journal

This is a super cool all-in-one tool

A Yeti Tumbler is a GREAT Stocking Stuffer!

These personalized leather cord keepers are a great stocking stuffer


Personalized AirPod Case is perfect for your techie guy!

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

I grabbed these socks for MY grandpa because he always takes a nap at my mom’s house!

And then my kids decided to get these socks for my husband and my dad ๐Ÿ™‚

Tech Gifts

This is a unique gift for local men!  If you’ve been wanting to make your home into a “smart home”,  A Smarter Home can help you!  They will help you select products and offer install as well!  Check it out!

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

A Smarter Home is a St. Louis based company that helps people select and install the best smart home products to fit their lifestyle.

Bose Sound Wireless Earbuds

SO I’m never buying ear buds for my husband again, he lost one of them like the first day. SO for us, a strap is a must! This have GREAT reviews!

But AirPods are just cool!

Rapid Charging Cords, I always throw these in my husbands stocking

I love these Dual Drives as a stocking stuffer!  I grabbed a couple of these for the men in my life!

I grabbed an Echo Show on Prime Day, going to try to grab more on Cyber Monday

Echo Dot is a must have for all the guys on your list!

I grabbed one of these, Echo Auto on Prime Day but hoping to get more this Cyber Monday

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide



Bose Polarized Bluetooth Sunglasses

Okay, these are a splurge but SO cool!


More Affordable Sunglasses

My dad said he was interested in sunglasses for Christmas, so here’s some great options

Woodies Polarized Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses 

Foldable Sunglasses  

I love a good personalized Dropp Kit Bag

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Hexagon jewelry Stand for Men

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Skateboard Wood Ring.  This is just so cool!

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

My dad, brothers and husband love these stain resistant ties

men's gift guide


Clothing and Shoes

These shoes are less than $20 (depending on size and color) but oh so good! My husband loves his pair and they have held up well!

Ugg Slippers for Men are more of splurge but will literally last forever!

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

I love updating my husband’s Patagonia fleeces each year!  My dad loves these too!

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


Time to upgrade my husband gym bag from his high school basketball bag to this leather weekender

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


I Love this old St. Louis map!

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

My father-in-law has a super nice bar in his basement, i thought these personalized beer glasses would be a great addition

Time to upgrade from our 10 year old Keurig- this machine gets the best reviews!  Perfect for that coffee loving dad in your life!

Who doesn’t need a good neck massager?


A new massage gun. I’ve seen people talking about how amazing these are!

Cups and Mugs

These coffee mugs are DARLING for a First Christmas as a Grandparent gift

I mean, it is true right?!?!

I love this travel mug!

Rollers Backyard Game

My father-in-law has a super nice bar in his basement, i thought these personalized beer glasses would be a great addition

The guys in my family are huge whiskey drinkers so nice, interesting whiskey glasses are always an easy purchase for us!

Gift’s over $100

And a Yeti Cooler, is one of the best gifts you can buy!

My siblings and I went in on this Solo Stove for my dad last year, great gift for dad/FIL

These Garmin Watches are so cool!


I got my husband this smoker for Father’s Day and now he makes dinner every Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚  I HIGHLY recommend!  This one is electric so it controls the heat a lot easier than the charcoal!

A couple more ideas

Here are some of my tried and true Amazon fashion items for men!

Here are some more ideas that include sentimental gifts, workout gifts, tools and grilling

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


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