Folding Laundry With a Folding Board from a Box

laundry folding

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Folding Laundry: Getting Your Kids Involved In Chores


laundry folding


Laundry.  It’s an every. single. day occurrence at this house.  With five people, 3 being kids, we generate so much laundry.  I actually do not mind do the laundry.  I love that the clothes feel and smell clean but folding it and putting it away is NOT my jam.  I’m pretty sure before I had a family, I just kept my clean laundry in a basket until it was absolutely necessary to put it away.  But now, I can’t do that.  With my kids getting older,  I love involving them in household duties.  It really gives them a sense of accomplishment and they are actually very helpful.

When I worked retails, we used a  folding mat to make sure that the clothes were perfectly folded. It was so easy and seemed to make folding clothes so fast.  I recently saw a video of someone making one from sink mats from the dollar store.  I thought, hmmm $6 isn’t much but I can totally make that for free!  Since it’s right after Christmas, we obviously have a plethora of boxes, so I figured I could make one from boxes and any tape I could find.  So, off I went to my garage to shop for the perfect box.  And in the words of my two year old, ta-da, I made my own folding mat within just a few minutes!


How to Make A Folding Board from a Box

Cut your box into six equal parts

Tape the seams on all sides except for the sides between the middle panel

Teach your kids to fold their own clothes.

Watch them enjoy folding 🙂


Unfortunately, I don’t have a good hack for getting the nicely folded laundry into the drawers.  But I can say that I love the way the folded laundry keeps our drawers nice and tidy!

This is the easiest hack to get your littles involved in the household tasks. If you love this, give this post a like, comment and be sure to tag me on Instagram if you try this at home!!


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