First Day of School Printable

First Day of School Form

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The last several years, I’ve purchased the $5 reusable chalkboards from Target with the intention to promptly remove the chalk paint that I used to personalize this year.  Every spring, when it’s the last day of school and every fall, when it’s the first day of school, I realize that I broke that promise to myself AGAIN!   It turns out, I have not taken off the chalk paint and its 9pm or 6am and I gotta get it off!!  This usually includes Windex and a cloth or whatever the heck else I can find.  Then I have to wait for it to dry and figure out my chalk paint markers again!

So this year, I decided to get smart-printable.  AH-HA!  So much easier! Plus, I’m a big fan of anything that is FREE!   And because I love y’all, I decided to share it with you!!  I hope you enjoy!  Tag me on Instagram in your pics if you use it!


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