DIY Mirror from Basket Platter

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I grabbed this large round serving basket with glass bottom off the local Facebook Marketplace for $5.  I truly had no idea what I was going to to do with it when I claimed it, I just knew I loved the aesthetic and could find some use for it in my house.  My husband does not always love when I buy without purpose, but obviously he’s getting used to it 🙂

The handles were worn but nothing a little hot glue couldn’t handle.  So I fixed up the handles and then it dawned on me. A mirror!  I’ve been scouring the earth trying to find the perfect round mirror for my entry way, but I can’t find the right size so this will be perfection!

I used mirror spray paint that I had on hand, it’s pricy but is super cool!  You apply it to the opposite side that you want to be the mirror.  It dries quickly so I was able to complete this project relatively quickly.  It does scratch really easily, so be very careful when handling it.  It required 2-3 coats before it was ready to go.  Once completely dry, return to basket and hang.  GORGEOUS!!



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