DIY Heart Shaped Crayons and DIY coloring table runner

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Valentine’s Day Party

It’s Valentine’s Day week and I’m prepping for a small Valentine’s Day party with our pod and I’m taking you along!

I love hosting themed parties but honestly, I do not enjoy the high price tag that can come with kids parties. So I try to use whatever I have on hand to make a fun party!  For this party, I picked a few things up at the Dollar Tree including brown craft paper and wrapping paper that I’ll work into the party decor.

DIY Coloring, Table Runner

What you’ll need

Brown Craft Paper

Permanent Marker

Using the brown craft paper, I will make a DIY coloring runner to use with these heart shaped crayons.  This is SO simple, you’ll want to use the idea over and over again!

Roll out brown crafter paper.  Using a black permanent marker, draw shapes, words, or anything else you want.  Use as a table runner and let the kids color all over it!


DIY Heart Shaped Crayons

These heart shaped crayons cost me ZERO dollars to make and I got rid of all those broken crayons no one will use 🙌🏻.

Also, let’s settle the debate right now, is it CRAY-on or cran?? I’m team cran. Let me know in comments.

Here’s what you need:
🖍 broken crayons
❤️ silicone mold. I used an ice cube tray that I got at a garage sale but here’s a similar one you can grab if you don’t have one.

Heart Mold

Bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees
Allow to cool completely and pop out of the tray!



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