Dear Babies, a note from your mom on Mother’s Day.

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To my babies, who made me a mommy.

It’s still the most surreal feeling, knowing that I lived without knowing you. I had a real life, a full life and didn’t miss you. But now that we’ve met, I will never be complete without you.

That first moment with you, where you seemed so familiar, yet we’d never met, will be forever etched in my mind, a moment, I’ll hopefully never forget.

I think back to those early days, getting to know you, mostly in the middle of the night, me needing you and you needing me. We had life altering conversations without ever exchanging words. It didn’t take long to settle in and I quickly forgot I use to not know you.

Before I met you, I thought you’d grow with me, but the reality is, I grew with you. You’ve helped shape, sand and mold me into a better person, closer to the person I want and need to be.

Watching you grow up has been bittersweet. I marvel at your knowledge and ability to do all the things you love to do. But it also means I have to release you into the world that is big and scary. While you go off, spreading your wings, into the big world, know that I’ll be here, keeping this place a safe place to return to, kind of like when I prepared for you to enter the world.

Love you guys, literally with my whole soul.

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