Composting 101

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I really know nothing about composting but I know I want to try it. I have been asking around for the best compost bins as well as doing my own research so I thought I’d share with you what I end up buying and then give you a little review.

My husband is not really into composting (sorry babe for calling you out) so this is a solo project over here! My kids’ school has taught them a lot about composting so my five year old has filled me in.

Composting pros:

  • Reduce waste, both landfill waste and recycle. I’m hoping to see a savings in our trash bag usage
  • Free, organic, nutrient rich soil for our garden
  • Relatively easy

Composting cons:

  • Extra work involved by bringing waste to compost bin
  • Compost pile/bin can smell
  • Not the most attractive lawn ornament

Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try! So here’s how I am getting started.

For my countertop, I went with this bin:

After researching different options, I decided a compost bin was the best for our family/lifestyle. This allows us to collect the waste, keep the animals out, reduce the smell and keep it more sightly than just throwing it in a heap in the backyard. We live in a wooded neighborhood so we have to try to keep the animals out!

I’ll be starting ASAP and I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going!

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