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EvieLu At Home Gives Back

The holiday season is officially upon us  and while I’m busy getting gift guides ready and prepping my family for this season, I’m always reminded of all the blessings this year has brought me.

I’ve been so humbled by your support of EvieLu At Home. This year, it’s grown from an Instagram page to a community of valuable followers and I could not be more grateful.

As a reflection of my gratitude, I have decided to donate, on behalf of the EvieLu At Home community to a cause close to my heart .

Families, specifically mothers and children, have been a focus of this account since it started as well as local businesses.  I wanted to choose a charitable cause that encompassed these things that are close to my heart. Therefore, I’ve chosen the @rmhcstl to support this season.

The @rmhcstl provides “comfort, care and a-home-away from home, for families of critically ill children. They provide a comfortable place for families to rest and be nourished when being at home is not possible. See more at

How can YOU help?

This year, I am setting up a small fund called the EvieLu Gives Back fund, where I will collect money from my followers to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House STL. EvieLu At Home will match up to $150 of donations given by you.


To give via Venmo: Jenna-Rohlfing    Be sure to add EvieLu or Ronald McDonald House as subject 

To give via Paypal Click HERE

Click here To Give Directly to the Ronald McDonald House STL

Click here to access their Amazon Wishlist 


To keep up with how much money has been collected and more updates, be sure to follow me on Instagram. 




Delivery Driver Snack Basket: An Easy How to Guide

Delivery Driver’s Deserve a HUGE thank you!

  • Not sure about you, but I get about 34 packages a day, especially during the holidays.  I’m so grateful to the hard working individuals who bring my packages to my front door so all I have to do is grab them!

Each year, I’ve been thinking about setting up a basket of treats for our delivery drivers, which includes UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon and my grocery delivery persons, 

It’s such a simple gesture that goes a long way with the people helping out this season.  


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My basket is simple, I ordered a HUGE box of chips, popcorn and bars from Walmart as well as bottles of water!  I have them set up on a small table on my front porch along with a framed sign.  I can’t wait to see how often I need to re-fill!  The basket I chose to use is a random basket I might have won in a raffle!  Anyways, you can look on your local Marketplace for baskets for free or use any container you have laying around!

Snack Ideas

  • individual size bags of chips, pretzels, popcorn
  • healthy granola bars such as Cliff bars or trail mix bars 
  • trail Mix (this is my favorite)
  • nuts such as almonds, peanuts or cashews (shop here)
  • candy bars


  • bottles of water
  • energy drinks
  • pop/soda
  • juice
  • carbonated water

I can’t wait to see your set up!  If you make one, be sure to tag me on

so I can see what you came up with!  Make sure you tag me in the pic of yours on your porch, I’d love to see it!!




Hi! I’m Jenna, wife, mama to three amazing (young) kids, lover of Jesus, Chick Fil A and consider myself a modern homemaker. I started this journey into blogging in order to connect with others during this crazy/beautiful season of life and share my thoughts with others. I’m inviting you into my world, it isn’t fancy, high end or necessarily exciting, but it’s REAL! I’ve been described by those who know me best as genuine, caring and honest (probably to a fault). So join me, as I share my favorite things including kids activities, DIY projects, recipes ( probably quick and easy), mom and kids fashion, great deals and more!

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Budget Friendly Poster Prints


I have had my eye on black and white poster prints for EVER but I haven’t had the budget to pull the trigger! If you’ve been here for a minute, you’ll know my favorite thing to do is figure out a budget friendly way to grab the look I want.  Here is how I created this upscale look for roughly $50 TOTAL!


  • 24×36 frames
  • poster prints from favorite picture printing company
  • hanging materials

One thing I found out when starting this project is that frames are freaking expensive.  My plan was to slowly gather frames using 50% coupons at Michaels but of course when Covid happened, I wasn’t able to get to the store to check out what I want or have the luxury of going once a week to grab another frame.  Luckily, fate would have it, I would happen upon these HUGE frames in the GARBAGE!  Seriously, I grabbed these for free from the trash. Now with that said, they are not in the best shape but nothing a little sanding and spray paint can’t fix. Also, the glass was broken in the frames but that was not a problem for me cause I knew I didn’t want glass in my frames!

Here is a similar frame linked from Michaels



I typically do not use Walgreens to print my photos cause I do not like the quality of their photos but I’ll be honest, I was anxious to get this done, knew I could pick up within an hour of ordering and they were having a sale for 50% off large prints.  Honestly, I was impressed by the quality of my prints, they aren’t grainy at all.  By the way, I took these photos with my iPhone on portrait mode.  I looked into have poster prints made on Amazon, mpix, FedEx and Office Max but Walgreens was the only same day option.

Once I got my prints, I unrolled them so they laid flat and tried to figure out how to attach these to the frames.  My first try, was using a staple gun but this was a NO GO! I repeat, do not try this!  You are sooo welcome for trying this before you.  Because I did not have the right size staple, it staple RIGHT through my frame.  So I had to patch that hole in my frame.

After much debate and reaching out to some of my favorite DIY friends, I decided to get 3M mounting tape and attach the poster prints to the wall BEFORE hanging the frame!


I added the squares to each corner and the center of each print.

I knew I wanted 3 inches between each frame and the center of the frames to be about 60″ from the floor.  So I measured, measured again and marked with painters tape. I then hung the pictures on the wall.  I made sure to account for inch of space I needed to allow for the framing.

Once I had the posters up, it was time to hang the frames.  The frames had wire across the back for hanging but if I used that it would’ve hung right through my kids faces and never worked.  So I attached framing hardware to the back of the frames prior to hanging.  Then I measured, leveled and hung the frames. Viola! I was done!

So my total cost breakdown:


Prints=$45 @ $15/each

Poster mounting squares=$3.50

Total cost: $48.50




Laundry Room Makeover

Our laundry room was disgusting. I have no other words. Most of our house had been updated at least once since it’s origination in the 1970s, ,but I don’t think the laundry room had been. It was painted a horrible tan color with matching linoleum floors that look like they’d never been cleaned. The day we moved in, we removed the 1970s cabinetry, which had clearly been painted around and didn’t help the case with it’s beauty. My husband had NO interest in spending money to update a room that was nicknamed “mud room” cause it’s off our garage and according to him, “no one will ever see it”. Well I do. I do laundry about 23412 times a day and I enjoy a beautiful space. So, I promised him it would be budget friendly (cons of living with a CPA) and he agreed. My mission, laundry room makeover for under $200. Right now, if I’m adding correctly, I’m well under $200 and closer to the $150 range!

First, I painted the walls. My initial inspiration was a picture found online, which featured dark walls, natural wood, and patterned tile. Somehow, that inspiration turned into pink walls, and I can’t even explain why :-). Whenever I start a project, I get a nickname in my mind and design around that. What kept coming to my mind during this makeover was “easy glam”. I wanted it to be casual enough to be an appropriate laundry room to a family in the suburbs, but beautiful enough that it made you enjoy laundry even more. The color of the walls is First Light 2102-70 by Benjamin Moore. It’s pink, and at first, I was like “oh, my gosh, I just painted my laundry room pink” but it’s a subtle pink that looks beautiful when it’s dry! Painting is always so relaxing to me, and a room this size only took me a few hours so this was definitely my favorite part. It seems lately, I’ve been making drastic paint changes in this house (i.e., going from dark green to silver and bright red to charcoal) so this was a more subtle change for me.

My original plan was to paint the floors and stencil a design, but once I started looking into this process, it seem labor intensive and actually quite a bit more expensive. Several months ago, I had found peel and stick tile on sale from Amazon. I ordered a bunch and wasn’t exactly sure how I’d use it, but this obviously seemed like the best spot.

Once the paint was done, I could start the floors. This was a process that I would NOT skip. First, I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floors using a gentle floor cleaner. Once this step was completed, I used TSP to prep the floors. My husband didn’t want to remove the washer and dryer from the room, so I had to work around these, while they remained hooked up, which honestly, wasn’t that big of a deal. Once the TSP was dry, I gave it a quick once over with the steam mop and I was ready to go! I read many tutorials on how to do this and decided to follow the instructions suggested by the manufacturer. I worked from the center of the room and moved in the block pattern.

I read several reviews about these tiles before purchasing and the reviews were 50/50 on using as is or applying a adhesive such as Liquid Nails. I went ahead and purchased Liquid Nails as a back up but haven’t yet used it.

Cutting the tiles was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. I wish I had a laminate floor cutter but I don’t and because of the current “stay-at-home” orders, I did not run out to by one. So I used what I had which was scissors, a box cutter (similar to what I have linked here and/or a craft knife (similar one linked here I used the craft knife the most but none of them were great options. Overall, I’m not completely happy with the outcome of the edges, they aren’t perfect but they are “good enough” for now. I may end up replacing the edges that are visible, if I decide to keep the tiles. I have only had a couple corners peel, which I may add Liquid Nails to if I want to keep the floors. I was able to remove the trim from a small portion of the room and replace easily. This was great because I didn’t have to worry about how straight my cuts were.

Again, because of the current stay-at-home orders, we choose not to run out to the hardware store and use only items we had available, so we made the coat hooks and shelf, from items we had in the garage.

A few weeks ago, I picked up tons of scrap wood, for FREE! So we had several pieces of plywood, 2 x 4s and other pieces of wood sitting in the garage. We decided to use a piece of plywood for the shelf but I couldn’t stand it looking like plywood, so we build a small ledge out of trim on 3 sides of shelf. My initial design included staining and putting coat of poly on the coat hook and shelf. However, this ended up not happening. I had a few stains in my stack at home so I tried a natural oak color first but it was way too yellow but I didn’t have a good color to mix it with so I sanded it off and just put a coat of poly over the wood. But I ran into another snag, when I realized my poly had yellowed. Ugh, so I sanded that off and decided I would add this at a later time. I did a final sand with 220 grit sand paper to smooth the corners and edges and my husband installed it.

The coat hook was a made from a scrap piece of 4 x 1 sanded well to let out it’s natural wood beauty. I had these lovely black hooks already, so I spaced them well, attached to the wood and attached to the wall.

The shoe organizer was in that room before we started the makeover, but it got a makeover of it’s own. It was originally a cherry/mahogany wood color. It’s cheap and is definitely not a piece of furniture I plan to keep long term, but honestly, it’s working for now. I primed it and painted it white, added black and white bins (from Walmart) and called it a day for now.

Oh, I almost forgot, my beautiful light fixture! The light fixture in this room was likely original to the house and did not give off good light. Despite having a window in the room, I felt that the room was way too dark and it NEEDED a chandelier. I had bought this chandelier over a year ago off the swap. I had tried to put it in my playroom but it didn’t work in there so I was excited when I realized it would find the perfect home in the laundry room. This was the exact “thing” the room needed to go from drab to fab!

Because this chandelier was a Marketplace find, I can’t link the exact one. But here’s some that are similar.

Another small change I made was added updated hardware to the closet doors, again, using what I had. The hardware I used was left over from my kitchen. It’s amazing how something so little, like a change in closet door hardware, can add to a room.

This project was hard work! I do think that some of the hard parts were related to having to be creative and use what we had on hand. So we ended up spending a lot of time searching for screws or the right piece of wood, etc. If we would have had the ability to run to the hardware store, we would’ve been able to complete this project much quicker. I have had my peel and stick tiles down for over two weeks and I’ve only had a couple peeling pieces so far. I will give an update once we’ve had some time to live with it a bit.

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Composting 101

I really know nothing about composting but I know I want to try it. I have been asking around for the best compost bins as well as doing my own research so I thought I’d share with you what I end up buying and then give you a little review.

My husband is not really into composting (sorry babe for calling you out) so this is a solo project over here! My kids’ school has taught them a lot about composting so my five year old has filled me in.

Composting pros:

  • Reduce waste, both landfill waste and recycle. I’m hoping to see a savings in our trash bag usage
  • Free, organic, nutrient rich soil for our garden
  • Relatively easy

Composting cons:

  • Extra work involved by bringing waste to compost bin
  • Compost pile/bin can smell
  • Not the most attractive lawn ornament

Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try! So here’s how I am getting started.

For my countertop, I went with this bin:

After researching different options, I decided a compost bin was the best for our family/lifestyle. This allows us to collect the waste, keep the animals out, reduce the smell and keep it more sightly than just throwing it in a heap in the backyard. We live in a wooded neighborhood so we have to try to keep the animals out!

I’ll be starting ASAP and I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going!


EvieLu At Home

HI! I’m Jenna, wife, mommy of 3, lover of Jesus, Chick-fil-A and brunch. I’m on a journey to share my life with you during this crazy time of motherhood. I left my full time job as a Speech-Language Pathologist to become a full time mom about 5 years ago. I still work professionally once a month, but my biggest focus is on being a mom. I consider myself a modern “homemaker” and sometimes even write that in on applications 🙂 My life isn’t glamorous, I spend my days feeding, bathing, cleaning and fiercely loving my sweet babies. We are well supported by my dear husband, who puts up with all my crazy ideas.