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DIY Christmas Scroll Hanging Sign

adore these darling farmhouse Christmas scroll hanging signs I see all over the internet, but I can’t justify the price tag.  If you’ve been here a minute, you’ll know I have champange taste on a beer budget.  Which is what inspires me to do DIYs!  If I can’t afford it, at least I can figure out how to make it, right!?

Christmas scroll


So here’s how I used inexpensive materials to create this gorgeous hanging scroll.




I gathered many of my materials from the Dollar Tree.  If you don’t have access to a Dollar Tree, I’ve linked similar products for you.

1 roll of brown craft paper.  I used brown wrapping paper that I trimmed

2 wooden dowels.  I used the handle of Dollar Tree plungers-mine were about 18 inches long

Stencil for the lettering (more on how I created a clear stencil below) or you can free hand if you want!

Black permanent marker

Natural jute twine

Plastic bell ornaments (I grabbed mine in a 4 pack at the dollar store)

Spray Paint (I used Rusteolum Champagne Mist)

garland, greens to to add to the top


Step by Step Instructions


First, I spray painted my ornaments.  I grabbed a 4 pack of cheap but ornate plastic bells from the Dollar Tree.  They were REALLY gold so I gave them a quick spray with my favorite spray paint, Rust-Oleum’s Champagne Mist.


Next, I removed the plungers from the wooden rod attached.  Originally, I planned to stain the wood and allow them to show on each side of the scroll, but when I measured my space, I decided I wanted the whole sign to be about 20″ wide. So I used them rods to create weight and depth for the scrolls.


The next thing I needed to do was create a stencil.  This caused me the most trouble and was the hardest part for me. Because I was using cheap, brown paper, I couldn’t make stencil from vinyl like I normally do. I needed to be able to see through the stencil material. After some trial and error, what I ended up using was laminator sheets that I put through my laminator  I gave me a clear material that I could then use my Silhouette to cut out the stencil.



I then stenciled the design on to the brown wrapping paper using my permanent black marker and colored it in.


The next step was creating the scroll effect, hot gluing the paper to the roll as I rolled it up.



Going back, I should’ve put the twine through the top roll before rolling it up and gluing it, but I didn’t-take note and do this if you make this!


Once I rolled the top and the bottom of the scroll, I was ready to hang!  I hung mine in my foyer wall, which we recently upgraded to a faux brick white wash wall.



I hung it from a nail but reinforced it with double sided poster board tape on all 4 corners.


I added some pretty, simple greenery, added twine to the bells and hung those for added Christmas flair!




Let me know if you love this by leaving a comment or follow me on Instagram.








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Affordable Christmas Decor: Walmart Finds

Affordable Christmas Decor

What is better than cute Christmas decor?! Affordable Christmas Decor. 

I love updating my holiday decor each year with new pieces. I very rarely get rid of my previous decor but rather, just add to it. I look to grab some affordable pieces when adding more trendy items, that way, if they don’t last a lifetime it’s totally fine. 


This year, I’m seeing flocked trees everywhere and they are gorgeous. I’m going to grab this  for under $100! You literally cannot beat that! I love pre-lit trees, I usually add a few more strands of lights just to make sure it lights up like Christmas Vacation 🙂

affordable decor



I love these mini trees to on my fireplace, tucked in my built-ins or on my entry table.  I grab a couple of packs of them and add them where I feel like decor is missing. 


affordable christmas decor



Christmas pillows are one of my favorite things to add to my decor.  I love throwing them on my couches just to add that special element but for some reason, I can never justify spending a lot of money on them!  This one gives me major Anthro vibes but without the price tag 🙂

affordable christmas decor



Signs are HUGE right now, I’m seeing them everywhere. I love this one so much and i’m already trying to figure out where I will put mine !

Affordable Christmas Decor



How cute are these mini potted plants.  Whether you are using them to add to your decor, or giving as a gift, you can’t go wrong with these darling little things

Affordable Christmas Decor


I was so surprised at what I could find at such affordable prices. I can’t wait to get to decorating!!!  If you’re still looking for a gift, make sure to hit up my ultimate gift guides here. 





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DIY Mirror from Basket Platter

I grabbed this large round serving basket with glass bottom off the local Facebook Marketplace for $5.  I truly had no idea what I was going to to do with it when I claimed it, I just knew I loved the aesthetic and could find some use for it in my house.  My husband does not always love when I buy without purpose, but obviously he’s getting used to it 🙂

The handles were worn but nothing a little hot glue couldn’t handle.  So I fixed up the handles and then it dawned on me. A mirror!  I’ve been scouring the earth trying to find the perfect round mirror for my entry way, but I can’t find the right size so this will be perfection!

I used mirror spray paint that I had on hand, it’s pricy but is super cool!  You apply it to the opposite side that you want to be the mirror.  It dries quickly so I was able to complete this project relatively quickly.  It does scratch really easily, so be very careful when handling it.  It required 2-3 coats before it was ready to go.  Once completely dry, return to basket and hang.  GORGEOUS!!



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