Boredom Busters

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These days can be long and leave your kids asking you “what’s next!” I made you a great guide of boredom busters so you never have to hear “I’m bored” again! Tip: Rotate new and old toys in and out of your playroom to help beat boredom before it starts!

Sensory play

We have tried many different kinds of play snow. We’ve ordered the kind you make on your own (do not recommend—-way messy!) and other that eventually falls apart. We got this particular brand before Christmas time and love it! It’s such a fun texture, super light and it’s really fun. It can get messy inside, but it’s really easy to vacuum up so I never mind letting them play it in the play room or at the kitchen table. This kit comes with molds, which is fun, because the snow holds it’s shape well.

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Speaking of play snow, we’ve also tried making it at home. My kids have also had fun playing with our homemade snow. I will be honest, I don’t love the texture, it kind of gives me goosebumps, but it smells good and is fun for multiple play sessions. We happened to have some miniature trees leftover from Christmas, so we threw those in there with a couple construction vehicles. Here’s what you need to make it:

  • 3 cups baking soda (I have a big bag that I keep on hand for projects and cleaning) Tried to link it for you but it’s out of stock on Amazon currently?
  • 1/2 cup hair conditioner-we just have a cheap bottle ordered from Amazon-like this:

Mix together until you have the right consistency and enjoy.


Fine Motor

These get played with so often in my house! I like them because they are a good fine motor tasks but easy enough for my three year old to do it on her own.

We seem to get some sort of magentic tiles for a gift every birthday, which I am NOT complaining about. My kids mix and match the name brand with the other brands and other magnetic toys we have. Linking some sets below: -These are currently on sale! -This includes pieces to make a marble run– These are another fun fine motor toy that is fun for my 5 year old and 3 year old.



Gross Motor

Set up an indoor obstacle course

We have a Nugget Comfort couch which adds to the variety of obstacles we set up. We also have a kids balance beam, stepping stones and little orange cones that we use to create indoor space to run and jump!

Balance beam, similar to ours, linked here:

Stepping stones, linked here

Kids cones, we purchased these for a construction themed birthday party , but continue to use them daily

The ultimate energy burner

A bounce house. I never thought I’d have one in my house, and here I am, living the dream. My kids LOVE when we get the bounce out. If you have the space, you won’t regret your decision to make this purchase.

We use this foam ramp and steps allllll the time with our Nugget Couch and balance beam! They go on sale periodically too!!

This post contains affiliate links

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