For the Mom Who is Defeated Tonight

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It’s been a LONG week of “momming”.
Started with my kids getting into an area of the house they shouldn’t have been in, finding presents stashed away for another day.
Then this happened (see pictures). Permanent, non removable paint on my (new to me) dining room table (luckily slated to be redone soon).
And finally the icing on the cake, an innocent game of “wedding” (without my knowledge) turned into my wedding band being lost.
Since all these “things” are just earthy, replaceable possessions, I’m trying hard to keep my perspective and cool when my selfish heart wants to be angry.
This situation reminded of the time that my I ruined my parents BRAND NEW floors when I was around 10 years old. I still remember my mom gently hugging me, making sure I was okay, and never once mentioning HER floors being ruined ever again. In fact, she left the ruined floor for 20 years, even with the daily reminder that her daughter, who should’ve known better, ruined her stuff.
So, I’m trying desperately to remember my mom’s gentleness with me as well as the Lord’s gentleness with me as I privately cry about my lost wedding band and the frustrations this season of motherhood has brought, knowing that this season will too pass, just as the ones before have passed me by.
I was reminded of the swiftness of seasons today when I drove by our starter home, the one 2/3 babies were brought home to and I was reminded of the growth that motherhood has provided me. While one side of my heart yearned for those sweet, simpler and quieter days 🥴, the other side of my heart ached with the reminder of the loneliness and uncertainty those early years of motherhood bring.
So I’ll cry for another minute and then I’ll get myself together, prepping for the one thing I’m certain of, that God gave me MY babies and my #1 priority is to care for them and love them with a gentleness that only the Lord can provide.
So if you’re feeling defeated tonight, remember, you’re not alone, sometimes seasons of life suck 🤣 but it will pass ❤️.

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