Air Fryer French Fries

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My kids LOVE french fries, but I mean, who doesn’t? A fried potato, sign me up! But, despite their wishes, we cannot eat them every single day.

Recently, my mom gave me her air fryer because it was taking up room on her counter. Well, I fell in love and have been trying all the things in the air fryer including chicken, fish, veggies, donuts, bagels and more! I realized though, I could make my own fast food fries! My kids are tough critics so I needed to make these good!

I looked up fry cutters on Amazon and had some sticker shock. I did not want to spend $40-50 on a tool that I didn’t know I’d use. So I decided to do it the old fashion way and cut the fries with a knife. I tried to make them look as much as McDonald’s fries as I could. Then threw them in the air fryer, sprayed with a little bit of olive oil spray, sprinkled with salt and viola! My daughter ate 2 potatoes worth and said “Thank you mommy for making me these yummy fries mommy!”.

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