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Hi! I’m Jenna, the face behind JennaLeighSTL, formly known as EvieLuAt Home.

The idea behind my blog and social platforms is to build community with other women and moms.


  • Thursday Favs: 2/10/22

    Thursday Favs: 2/10/22

    Thursday Favorites:  February 10, 2022 RediHook Key Hook this is such a genius solution for small homes, apartments, offices, etc.  No where to hang a key? No problem.  This hook can easily be installed to your existing switch plate.  It’s so easy to instal and is super functional. Cat Eye Sunglasses  These sunglasses are a top seller…

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  • Thursday Favs: 2/3/22

    Thursday favs I love sharing my favorite things with you.  This week, I have 5 items that I know you will love.  Los Angeles Oversized T-shirt: I ordered this in XL which is up one size for me so that I could enjoy the oversized look.  There are tons of different major cities to choose…

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  • The Weight of the Motherhood Mental Load

    The Weight of the Motherhood Mental Load

    To the mom who is overwhelmed in motherhood.  I see you. You are the one keeping your entire family together. Working endlessly behind the scenes to make sure everyone inn your family feels cared for. The mental load is what makes motherhood feels so heavy.  It’s because even the simplest tasks are JUST what it…

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  • DIY Simmer Pots

    One of my favorite things about the holidays is the smells it brings.  Our memories are so tightly bound to our sense of smell and can bring you right back in time. I started making these potpourri simmer kits for myself years ago. We had just moved into our new home, the day after Thanksgiving,…

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  • Black Friday Deals

    Black Friday Deals

    Black Friday Deals ARE HERE and I could NOT be more excited!  Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I can knock out a TON of Christmas shopping for great deals! As a perk of being my follower, I rounded up the best deals.  I will be sharing live deals via my Instagram stories, so be…

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  • Thanksgiving Drink Pairings

    Thanksgiving Drink Pairings

    Thanksgiving Day For my family, means a family holiday with food, fun and drinks.  I’ve recently discovered the importance of pairing food with drinks and it’s changed how I enjoy a meal.  This year, I really wanted to elevate our meal by creating the a delicious drink menu around our food menu.  I’ve paired different…

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