Mystery Reader Books: 30 Books for 1st Grade

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Mystery Reader

When our first grade teacher told us that the school was opening up for parent volunteers this year, my heart did a little pitter patter!  I’ve desperately been waiting for this day to happen since before I had kids!  That seems like an exaggeration, but I promise, it’s not!  The first opportunity I had to volunteer in my son’s classroom, was as a mystery reader.  I signed up at “Meet the Teacher” for a date “way in the future” in September, thinking I had plenty of time to get my life together and choose appropriate books.  Well, as September approached, I quickly realized that it was MY turn to be a mystery reader and MY turn to pick books.  Luckily, I have a great following that includes several teachers so they helped me more than any list on the internet.

I was insanely nervous to show up as the mystery reader.  I wanted to bring books that my son hadn’t yet heard, but that were funny, entertaining and not too long.  I was also so nervous that my son would be embarrassed by me (but he wasn’t, he ABSOLUTELY loved it)  It turned out to be so much fun and the kids LOVED the books I picked.  If you have the opportunity to volunteer as mystery reader, I HIGHLY recommend.  PS, yes, I did practice my book that morning AND in the car RIGHT before I went in 🙂


Because I know how nerve wracking it was, I wanted to share a GREAT list of books appropriate for 1st and 2nd grade classrooms.  I found a great list for Kindergarten books by another local blogger, Lucky Lovely Life, so if you need recommendations for that age, head to her blog!


What I decided to read as Mystery Reader

I ultimately decided on these two books because we had not read them at home and because they are funny and silly.  I feel like it helped me to be less nervous knowing that the kids would think these were silly and funny.

Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast 

The Day the Crayons Came Home is the companion to The Day the Crayons Quit

The book I ultimately choose as mystery reader

Close Second Picks

These were three books that I highly considered and if I had more time, would have used these books for sure!

Dragons Love Tacos

After the Fall: How Humpty Got Back Up Again

The Rain Came Down 

Funny Reads

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates 

The True Story of The Tree Little Pigs

The Princess and the Pony 


When Sheep Cannot Sleep 

The Legend Of Rock Paper Scissors

Diary of a Worm

The Retired Kid

David Goes To School 

Heartfelt Stories

The Dot 

And I Mean it Stanley

Make Way for Ducklings 

The Boy Who Loved Words 

The Climbing Tree

Easy Reads

How Dinosaurs Go to Bed

The Pigeon Has to Go to School  or any books from this series

The Couch Potato 

Visual Stunners


Hot, Hot, Hot

Water Boy 

Owl Moon 

Last Stop On Market Street 



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